Circulars? Will they ever go away?

Are these everywhere?  And surely in this day and age, there must be an alternative to them?  But as always we try to see the humour in everything.  But would anyone want to tell me, do people actually buy the products contained therein?  They must do! 

In addition, what are the strangest things that anyone has seen advertised?  I must confess, some of them are completely modern (the pictured furniture supplements, usually a plenty at or after the Christmas season); or completely old school such as the ones seemingly devoted to the OAP population, and containing anything from socks for circulation, to DIY heart pressure devices.  Maybe I’m going on too much, but it would appear that the cost is cheap enough, that we will continue to see these for the years to come. 


Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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