The Week Ahead / Heh! I have to show you my Poundland shopping!

Last week we travelled to Shropshire once again, for a fabulous food festival, a report on this and English “Whiskey” later in the week. But first, haven’t done this for a while, but look at my bargains from Poundland:

More “things” that I have to have!

The snails are everywhere in my garden right now in Glasgow, the Rustlers are devine and are my lunch for tomorrow (we don’t have a kitchen in our office), and the “King in a Million” cologne is NOT that bad, but for one quid, I’ll take it!

Seriously, we’ll bring you some photos from England, more stuff from my Germany trip a few weeks ago, and I’ll review the new Endeavour series – my favourite thing on the box as of now.



Poundland Shopping – January 2020

So?  It was an eclectic mix but still well suited for my needs.  Maybe I’ve a sweet tooth, but at least this can be offset with the dry apricots.  Also, it included the previously blogged canned burgers, but I must say, that the incredibly cheap olive oil was worth it – couldn’t tell the slightest bit of difference between it and the “extra, extra, green, bio, vegan, etc, etc, stuff “ from Waitrose.

Purchased from Poundland, January 2020.