The Mela, Glasgow, Scotland – Last Weekend

Once again, or at least for the first time since 2019, the Mela was on, that celebrates south Asian culture here in Scotland, and it was packed!

Fabric / Clothes shops at the Mela

We were only there for about 90 minutes, but as usual, there was a good vibe and multiple music tents – I believe there was even a ceilidh going on, as well as live music. I happened to see an experimental jazz, Asian fusion brigade. The leader, even said hello to his Ma and Da there!

Music Bandstand

There were even charities and self-help groups, complete in their stalls, handing out information and soliciting donations. One, the Vision Again Foundation, looked at the vital need for eye operations in the 3rd World, that can be done for as little as £20 in order to restore sight; I’ve already donated.

More shots of the Mela

Well worth a visit again, in the oncoming year.

As I left, there were more stalls, and even a “wall”, where one could write opinions on a variety of current affairs.



Entertainments – Part 1; Wine Tasting, Hyndland Fox, West End, Glasgow

The great (now dead) Graham Greene once said about some of this books, that they were “entertainments” – there only for pleasure, entertaining and not to be looked at as great works of art.

One of these, Our Man in Havana, was actually superb, and described the early communist government in Cuba, worth a read!

First course!

So when I was out the other night, and attempted to find a restaurant, I happened to wander by The Hyndland Fox (again!), and noted that they had a wine night with tastings on – who could resist.

Second course

Whilst there at the entrance, we were greeted by staff, who after informing us of the night, then ushered us to our unreserved seats, exactly when the talks (between the courses) started.

Cheese course

A Frenchman was there to talk about this new “brand” or company from France known as Rift, with the idea of producing completely sulphur-free wine.


The tasting consisted of 4 courses, with an accompanying wine for each course, that consisted of:

  • Salmon
  • Duck & Potatoes
  • Cheese & Homemade Biscuits
  • Sorbet & Pate

With the highlight, being both the first and final courses. I’ve never tasted sorbet so rich, with the accompanying “pate” being unbelievable, like a candied caramel.

Interesting that I have been here before several times and it always strikes me as if they are trying to do something different; they’ve a comedy club here as well. So I was glad I walked about to find this place. I only wish that I had known about this night before; perhaps they have an email list that I could join?

But yet again, it’s another (IMO) world class foodie thing, right here in Glasgow, with the food and service exceptional, and naturally quite friendly.



This week, Lisbon, cafe’s, etc – New Partick, Glasgow street art . . .

If you have been in Partick, in the West of Glasgow the last few weeks, there is a smattering of new street art:

Purdon Street Mural

I think that it’s both colourful and bright; a cure-all for our awful weather here in the West of Scotland!

My only complaint, is that it is replacing some of the murals that were created to celebrate the 2014 Commonwealth Games, that were held here back then. If you disagree, please go here, to add your opinions to Partick Community Council.

More this week from Lisbon, and various other things.


Elvis Costello, Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow – Tuesday, 7 June


I was gifted this, due to Costello’s fascinating, recent guest star role on the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen a few months ago. Watch it! I didn’t know that a post-punker, etc, could have such a comprehensive knowledge of food and veggies; though it’s probably due to his upbringing, as his father was a green grocer.

He was unbelievably down-to-earth, with not a hint of pretentiousness.

The boy named if

So why not go to his new tour, and after his recent, very rocky new album, The Boy Named If, which happened to hit Number 1 here in Scotland; I thought it was required!

Elvis Rocking

He was outstanding, with just under two hours of playing all the hits, some album cuts, and as he stated, three Nick Lowe songs. The best being Heart of the City, one of my all time faves from the post-punk era.

Yes, there was the usual left-wing banter, in front of the SNP / Anti-Royal crowd, though how this is ever relevant to my musical taste is unknown to me. Though he did get the best (quite easily) of one complainer, who simply shut up, after Costello asked him if he was then going to run for office, if he thought things were that bad!

There were the usual hidden surprises for me, one highlight was Green Shirt, the first Costello song (along with Accidents will Happen – cool video for so long ago), that I ever heard. After this gig, I actually found out that there was a demo version – that is quicker and probably more my taste.

The place was almost, and I say almost, full – perhaps 80%, with the 50+ crowd coming to its feet towards the end, with a powerhouse version of (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding,

Naturally, in this out of kilter, woke world, he did not play Oliver’s Army, which of course I vehemently disagree with, though hey it’s his show.

The one thing or two things, that were off-putting, are both the sound system and the lack of available bogs at the end of the show – the queues were huge! The sound once again suffered from a ridiculous sound level, with multi-tracks, that bordered on the deafening.

With his songs, he should really have played completely live – Elvis, just show up, plug into some Marshalls, and give it a go.



Back after an American excursion, more later, another Cafe’ – The Hyndland Fox, West End, Glasgow

Will soon report back on my recent forays to the Highlands, Lisbon!, and America (the last 2 weeks).

So went for a walk the other day, and in my effort to have 10,000 steps per day, bumped into the delightful, Hyndland Fox, that also (it was a Sunday), had a bi-weekly comedy club that we’ll check out soon.

I honestly didn’t know that, but who knows, maybe everything is getting back to normal finally?

I’ve been here before, and the one thing they’ve done, is to serve a more, minimal, fish and chips – let’s be honest, I can never really finish an entire, normal portion – with it usually being top-heavy with batter.

This is could handle easily. The pal’s food, was a more and more typical dish, with a red sauce being sent out with mussels. Though, I would normally prefer the white wine sauce, this was interesting.

Costello at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow

As for the week, we went to see Elvis Costello last night, a review tomorrow!


This week – Just back from Lisbon, more things this week.

Yeh, have not been on here enough – work, travel, etc; but will defo do more this week, finishing my latest travel to both Germany and Dunoon, but also will look back at my trip to Perthshire (Dunkeld / Birnam) again, the last week. But first, what about some brand new street art today in Glasgow.

New art on South Woodside Road

And I think it looks just fine! Plus, the artist was there, having just completed his work of art. And I believe he goes by the name of “@markwurst”, but am not really sure.

Another shot from the east, looking west

Cool! As I do not have a SINGLE bit of artisticness in my body.


This week? I actually went to a Golf Show in Glasgow & had a nice walk to get there

And it, Bunkered Live 2022 – SEC, Glasgow, was not only fascinating with the amount of people, almost ALL men, who were there but also with the different stands that were there. But first, I had a nice walk there through the Sandyford area of Glasgow – Very pleasant. This area has undergone a transformation recently, with gentrification, more students and an incredible amount of class restaurants / cafes popping up.

The first part passed by the old Kelvin Hall, which has been purchased by Glasgow University a few years ago, as the yooni is undertaking a large refurbishment / new builds project in the area. And then passed by the Kelvingrove Art Gallery, and several other highlights such as the cherry blossom trees and a mosque from the Ahmadiyya part of Islam.

The next continued through some tenements of Sandyford, before we went through the 80s looking overpass / tunnel, to finally arrive at the Scottish Exhibition Centre (SEC).

It was the number of “contests” at the exhibition, that seemed to me where all the “real men” who were there, were interested in. These ranged from “Golf Darts”, to sand trap skills, to a chipping contest to get closest to the pin.

Golf Darts anyone?

Equally, a number of stalls had nothing to do with golf. These ranged from, believe or not, someone from the WWF and / or the Scottish Wildlife Trust, to an organic cat food stall, who I believe were from the Republic of Cats? Who would’ve thought! Who knows, they must have done some research as to just who would attend.

Join the Cat Revolution!


A welcome sign to help Bicyclists – An air station in Glasgow

Coming from a recent trip to the cycling mad country of Germany, it was a pleasant surprise, to see the below “Wee Repair Station” outside of Gartnaval Hospital, in the west side of Glasgow.

Wee Repair Station

I’ve yet to see these elsewhere, though of course they no doubt are, but find these to be both needed and an encouraging sign that help is on the way for any struggling cyclists, in need of air.

Even instructions!

But what is strange, is that these are not by the Glasgow authorities, but, I believe, installed by Sustrans?

If so, more please.


Tchai Ovna, Tea House / Café, West End, Glasgow, Scotland

Have been here simply NOT enough times over the years, but when in attendance, I always think – why not? They have an incredible selection of rare teas, in a gigantic pot!

Tchai Ovna, down an alleyway in Glasgow’s West End, on the banks of the Clyde river

It’s down an alley that if you didn’t know, you would never expect a café to be. Though there are signs around the corner that do state there is a café here.

Signs directing you to Tchai Ovna.

I decided, been here before but didn’t partake, finally to have a sharing, Middle East platter with a friend, and it was beautiful.

Middle East platter to share

It did what it said it would do, and with a pot of Darjeeling, a huge pot to share, it was more than sufficient to pass away a couple of hours, amongst an eclectic mix of people; vegans, students, artisans, etc.

It is also available for dinner reservations.

Have already planned my next visit.