Dunkeld – Perthshire visit – Part 3

The final stop of my recent visit to the Perthshire region, was a complete surprise when we decided to have a quick couple of hours in Dunkeld.

Note, I’ve been here before, but not to this section of the village, which is difficult to believe as it’s actually quite small here. The other part is Birnam, a quarter of a mile south.

We came here via the A984 from Blairgowrie – what a very pleasant surprise, as the road was dead quiet (it was a Wednesday afternoon), and we happened to go through a delightful hamlet called Spittalfield, complete with café and village green. It also seemed like an ideal area for a bicycle tour, as the Number 7 from Sustrans (and others paths) go through this area.

What was interesting to me (above), was the monied type of feel here, a Monte Carlo(!) of the Highlands; you could almost smell it, and a walk along the High Street proved this as well. We found a wine bar / shop that served me the best sandwich I’ve ever had, but have no idea what the name of the café was The Scottish Deli? – but it was near the Palmerston Cafe, and has only been around the last year. Where I washed it down with a fine, vintage Port!

Later, we walked over the bridge and then made our way back to Glasgow



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