The Week Ahead, the year in Review (if I feel like it) / Vino Valentino, Glasgow –

Can’t wait til I can Travel again . . . .

The final week of the year, and it has ended just like the last one, with us locked up and I for one am tired of it, considering I’ve been treble vaxxed. But I never do politics and will once again for the foreseeable future, simply have to make my own fun.

I will give my music single and album of the year, TV of the year and try to do a movie of the year, though did not really see any to be fair!

But during the last week, had to have a wine and popped in to a delightful, local, wine bar, Vino Valentino, only a stone’s throw from the house; where after asking for advice for a fruity wine, received one and it was a hit.

Vino Valentino – Various Shots

It’s small and quaint, and believe only about a dozen can fit in, at a squeeze. Also, they do a limited food platter that I’ve seen but never have tried.




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