The week ahead; various from the arts, Glasgow, and shots from my recent Warwickshire trip.

I was once again south of the border last week, in the ever delightful Warwickshire, for which I will be showing some snaps this week on the blog.

In addition, will be looking at various things from here in Glasgow, from the ever present wave of new cafes, to certain neighbourhoods and several photos from here, but first, some pictures from one of my favourite shopping arcades here, The Argyll Arcade, in the town centre.

It’s an old fashioned Georgian? arcade, resplendent in a multitude of jewellery shops, one pub and and upstairs area; that in my opinion is criminally underused (there is a jewellery workshop there), and would be an lovely place to have a coffee, tea, or whatever.

You reach it from several ways, preferably from Buchanan Street:

And then can enter it, head straight east, and then south, to exit on Argyll Street.



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