The Week Ahead- More from both Germany and Ludlow, various shots from Glasgow, etc

As the title says, I still have some memories from the recent travel to Deutschland and will publish them, along with more from my trip a few weeks ago to Ludlow, in the beautiful county of Shropshire.

In addition, there are a good deal many new places here in Glasgow, that I’ve visited and will do several reviews even!

But first, just look at this old map of the travel system in Glasgow:

An old map of Glasgow’s Transport System (year unknown)

And compare to the modern plan; it’s changed. Equally, the blue circle above is the Glasgow Subway, and can be compared to the modern subway, shown below:

Glasgow Subway, the “Clockwork Orange”

To my knowledge, the Glasgow rail network is the largest all-electric one in the UK or outside of London, I can’t really remember the exact fact, and the Glasgow Subway (one line clockwise, the other counter clockwise), is one of the oldest in the world.

When I first arrived here to attend yooni, there was something called a “sub crawl”, where one would get off each station, and have a pint (or whatever)! I do recall trying it, but was completely unsuccessful . . . I wonder why.



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