Week Ahead / Ludlow – Day 2

Finally with some more time on our hands, will be saying what will do this week, and will continue with our recent Shropshire trip.

Will try to do some more cafe / restaurant things here in Glasgow, Scotland, as well as bringing back our “First Hit, Last Hit” series! In addition, more fotos from Glasgow, what fun!

Ludlow, Shropshire – Part 2:

We continued walking and discovering this part of England, that unbeknownst to me, is just SO close to Wales!

We decided to go for a walk, up the hill to the centre, and were entranced (pretentious!) with the charm and number of ancient buildings that we saw! Amazing whilst at the same time, it was packed with shopper, and came with a delightful area by the castle, complete with a market.

What I did notice, were the ages of most of the people. Yes it was mid-week, during the day, but the average age seemed well into the 60s range – which is fine by me. And while this and the buildings could lead you into thinking that this is not a place for you? Think again, as we passed by numerous pubs, cafes, shops and breweries!

Delightful and living.



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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