The week ahead . . . / Balbirs West End, Glasgow

As I’m on holiday, I’ll still try to do some blogging this week and being in England currently, I’ve already noticed that the weather is just so much warmer down here!

This week will be posting some holiday snaps from the last few weeks; will continue showing a Glasgow foto here and there; and try to highlight a café / restaurant that I’ve partaken of recently, in these dreadful COVID days.

So, what about a restaurant review?

This concerns Balbirs in the West End, which is a slightly more, upmarket Indian restaurant, that has always to me been very friendly.

As the lockdown finally ended a few weeks ago, we were able to go to the West End and sit down inside, but of course without alcohol, which I don’t really mind forsaking to be honest!

This wasn’t the only thing that I enjoyed, as due to this recent’ish lockdown, I took advice from the server as to any “low calorie” ideas that she had in mind. In a few minutes, a more senior colleague recommended the shish kebabs, that were both low in sauces / fat and tasted delicious! Why don’t I do this more (asking for any recommendations?)? I will in the future.

The price is about what you should expect and the decor, and professionalism is superb – will go again and again and again.



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