Edinburgh Fringe; but first the Yotel Hotel, Edinburgh

Having stayed at the Yotel Hotel in Schlipol Airport, Amsterdam, earlier in the year, this was a welcome return to see just how they do, when it comes to something larger.

A Yotel double bedroom

Yes, it was pricey due to the festival taking place, and it would therefore be quite interesting to see just what the “normal” prices are; but compared to our friend’s choice at the Travel Lodge just down the road (ours included breakfast; an excellent one if I can add); we had a bargain.

A couch & bed combined; the bed comes down

I can only say that whilst it was quite busy, it was still clean, orderly, and had very friendly, efficient staff. You check-in yourself, though we had a small problem which was sorted out quite quickly.

I don’t know why more places don’t do this? It was very easy to check-out, and leave the card.

The breakfast was excellent, and did NOT have watery scramble eggs! A bug bear of mine. And had a full-surround of Edinburgh on the walls.

The room was more than spacious, and had everything positioned, with the exception of having the towels hanging in the toilet cubicle?!, correctly, with a certain minimalistic style.

I would probably go back, if in similar circumstances.



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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