A drive along the Ochils, and a visit (short) to Dollar, Scotland

On the way back from St Andrews, managed to sneak in a lunch in the delightful, at the foot of the Ochils village of Dollar.

I’ve been here before, and it’s literally a one town road, at the base of some very nice hiking possibilities, and which contains a very famous and respected private school.

View of the Ochils leaving Dollar

The small village of Dollar, is at the foot of the Ochils, and home to the prestigious Dollar Academy.

Have been here before and at the SAME exact restaurant – Café des Fleurs – one that is of a superior quality, with a queue outside, mainly for coffees.

Where the food was both rustic and delicious, even with proper bread, for the huge portions. It seemed to be a real hub of activity for such a small place, with the bus stop in front of it, having its very own library! 4.5 / 5.



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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