Adrossan, Scotland – Part 2 –

What a day! Typical West of Scotland weather; howling wind, driving rain, and water everywhere!

This was interesting, meandering down a completely dead High Street, with a variety of shops, most empty or even boarded up, with naturally, a huge Asda around the corner – and they wonder why High Streets die!? That said, there are some interesting shops here, from a veggie cafe, to an arts & crafts place, that also has workshops.

After the High Street, we rounded about to come to the promenade, with accompanying dreadful weather! There was a somewhat, brutal bleakness, that depending on your taste, is either terrible or atmospheric.

The bleakness!

It would be interesting to come back in the summer, as I was told, when the sun is out, the “vibe” is completely different!



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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