Cafe Andaluz – Forgotten gem in Glasgow

I hadn’t been here for a few years, when all of a sudden I wanted to go out last night.

I must say, that the prices are high, and certainly higher than the last time that I was here; regardless, I thought it was a world class meal.

Albondigas (meat balls), Pollo rebozados (battered chicken), Queso (cheese), Croquetas (croquettes)

I also noticed that the red wine we chose, Cal y Canto, I thought I had seen before in “fine” supermarkets, but it still tasted quite nice (superb even!).

This raises the question, why does this happen? Why is it, if I had bought the wine and taken it home to consume, it would not have been so good?


Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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