Oakwood – Garden Ctr / Cafe – The Harrods of this type of Place!

I was here one time, in the shop after a hike, and was too late to grab a meal – my loss. So it was always my intention to return.

Oakwood is one of these hybrid types of places, that was probably at one time only an outdoors garden centre, but has morphed into a “things you don’t really need to buy for the house” / garden shop / restaurant.

It’s on the road heading south to the Glengoyne distillery (which itself has morphed into something huge for the tourists) and if it wasn’t for the now, giant round about, you’d never know that it was even there.

Map of just where this place is!

What struck me, was the view! Something to behold as it faces south, via it’s gigantic windows, to overlook the nearby hill, Dumgoyne. IMO, it’s an unparalleled café view in Scotland, or at least one that is not too remote, or in the Highlands.

The food, Coronation Chicken and an Orange Cake(?), a new one to me, was typical but well done

Will return.



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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