Offensive (2016) – Film / TV of the Week (Horror Channel)

How do you feel about the old, “revenge” film? There’s been many of them, but they’ve ranged from OTT nonsense, to special effects laden borefests, that overpower any form of narrative or character; try this one instead.

Russell Floyd and Lisa Eichhorn in Offensive

One could say Offensive is cliched, and unrealistic; but I’d disagree. The premise is when an American couple inherit a mansion in the French countryside, and even this has given them a sense of insecurity and unsureness – that blends in well when a local group of teenage trash, start to intimidate and attack them.

Naturally, the local police are not bothered, the other neighbours are equally intimidated, and the older generation that the couple are a part of, has long been consigned to the dustbin of history; but then . . . they begin to fight back.

The anger and violence is to be expected and has a certain rawness that you don’t really see in other types of these movies.

Recommended – 4 / 5



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