Hillhead – Part 1

Glasgow University

Continuing the series on the various, central neighbourhoods in Glasgow.

But . . . did you know, or at least according to a friend who told me years ago, that Glasgow was built on seven hills?  No, I didn’t either, and still I am not really sure of these, but they could be (starting from the city centre):

Park Circus

If you have been following this blog, I’ve already looked at the Park Circus area, and for the next two entries, will now look at the Hillhead area.

This area is just to the east of Byres Road (the centre of the universe for West Endies and Glasgow University students!).  And in the past, we had our own Lord.  Whoa!

This area looks east to the Woodlands / Kelvinbridge area, and features the River Kelvin, that is probably the dividing line between the two areas. Whilst to the west, there’s the Dowanhill area.

There’s a proliferation of both tenements, cafes and students (if that’s your scene) from Hillhead’s own University of Glasgow.  On the north side, is both Kelvindale and North Woodlands.

If ever in Glasgow, just walk, and walk, and meander about.  It’s very good at what it does.  The first series of photographs is a circular route around the area’s edges; Byres Road, Great Western Road, Bank Street (just west of the River Kelvin & Kelvinbridge) and back on University Avenue through the University, to Byres Road.



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