The Wolds Way – Part 4 – Filey to Muston

For the final part of this delightful walk, and one that I shall be wishing to complete some time soon, we headed from the end, in Filey, and walked briefly backwards to Muston, which at one time had a Scarecrow Festival; but was recently axed!

Before we headed off from Filey, we did an incredibly long beach walk  from Reighton (Haven Reighton Sands Holiday Park), and headed north towards Filey Beach & Filey, in order to get there; recommended!  From the start, Filey was a ways ahead, with a distinctive protrusion that you are welcome to climb if you wish.

Beach towards Filey

Looking back aways towards the Reighton section complete with WW2 formations, I think.  It was interesting to note, just how many people who were there on the day.  And also, the number of very well-behaved dogs.

Equally, there were certainly some brave souls catching the waves.

Surfing in Yorkshire!

When we finally made Filey, after only an hour, it was a very pleasant surprise.  But the appropriate British seaside food just made it seem just so right!

Beef burger; even more delicious after a long beach walk!

Whilst in Filey, there was everything to expect from a seaside experience, with huts at the beach, delightful views over the coast and a charming town centre.

From here, it was actually quite easy to meander through Filey, and onto the correct pathway.   It is not very long, and with a distance of only about 2+ miles, we were in Muston in no time . . . for a pint, at the Ship Inn.

Along the way to Muston, from Filey

After this, there was a very fast, local connection by bus, back to Reighton to collect our car.  It should be said, that Filey is connected with British Rail; for those who would wish to start their way from here, and head towards the start of the Wolds Way, located in Kingston-upon-Hull.


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