Musings for ’21, Music of the year for ’20

With the lockdown still around, I plan on putting more travel from the past on here fairly soon. Trips ranged from the USA to Hong Kong and China, but first, my choices for last year’s music.

It was as usual, a dreadful year in mainstream music, so hence my top faves are probably not the highest hits on Spotify, et al. 

Albums of the year:

1) Escape: Expanded Edition, Moon Duo

This trippy, gothicy, new age, type of psychedelic drone, just grows and grows on you.  Superb to put on in the background, and just go in and through the waves of sounds.

2) Shore, Fleet Foxes

They returned, with a standard that their earlier stuff would approve of.  “Nice”, and flowing, like a big log fire staring out at the forest.

3) Northern Songs, Asteroid #4

Contains my single of the year, the title track, and combines those sixties jangles, with a devotion to a minimal shoe-gazing, that only improves after a few listens.

Single of the Year:

Northern Songs, Asteroid #4

Here’s to 2021 and hopefully a better year.



Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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