Beer of the Week – Traquair House, 160 /-

I’ve seen many recent TV shows about the plight or current state of the various castles, country houses, etc, that we find here in the UK.  Many paint a bleak yet optimistic future for these concerns.  And to agree to this, I’ve recently visited Traquair House, in Peeblesshire south Scotland, on more than a few occasions; no doubt a good thing as they have diversified into the areas of business, that will no doubt make this ancient country house (the oldest house in Scotland) successful for the foreseeable future.  In addition, they’ve added a brewery to their business.  With a variety of styles.

Traquair House, 160 shilling

One of them is this delightful old style of Scottish ale, known as 160 /- (160 shilling).  If you are not familiar with this name, please see here.  Basically, the higher the number the more expensive the tax was on this type of beer, and hence, the strength (normally) is higher.   For this little beauty, it’s 9.5%, yet at the same time, it’s never to treacly and can go both in a pint (almost!) mug, or in your favourite wine glass.



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