Monday – Cafe / Restaurant review – Cafe Francoise, Glasgow

Is it allowed or even thought nowadays, that a brilliant place should simply be taken for granted, and if not, should you constantly be checking it out, to see if something has changed?  And what if, something has indeed changed?  And not for the better.  What do you do?  Slate it, or give it another chance, or was it a one off?  Or write a critical review, in order to try to remedy the situation.  

This is my predicament with this café.  I used to simply love their eggs rancheros; the beans, avocado (not smashed!) and the freshness of the tomatoes.  But I regret to inform, that it was simply rotten earlier this week.  The “over easy” eggs were hard boiled; and I mean HARD boiled.  As if they had been cooked hours before, and then reheated under the heat lamps.  Ditto with the brick-like toast.  Combined with no butter for the said toast, and you had a fairly dreadful meal; minus the A+ service.

I’ll try to give it another chance.


Author: shylustig

wandering, traveling, observing things

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