First hit, last hit – The Everly Brothers

Being young, and not remembering the black and white world of my parents; when they talked of the Pat Boones, Fats Dominos or even Elvis, I was completely unknowing of what they were speaking about.  All of these people who had their hair so short, wore such conservative clothes, etc.  It was literally another world.

So it is interesting to know that the Everlys, tried and were nearly successful in breaking out of that fifties / early sixties era.  Their first hit, was of course Bye, Bye Love in 1957, that came in at number 2 in America, and number 6 here.  Whilst their last, complete with “groovy” 60s’ clothing (and in colour by the way!), was this gem, Bowling Green.  That ended up, tellingly, at only number 40 in the USA in 1967.  Enjoy.


Author: shylustig

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