Death in Paradise, BBC1 – A Retrospective

Ben Miller and Sara Martins

From 2011 to its recently finished season nine on BBC1, UK, Death in Paradise has become one of the most popular UK shows, consistently being in the Top 10 for its broadcast week, with it normally being the highest rated show for the day that it’s televised (1).  With its sunny climes (filmed in Guadalupe, in the Caribbean) and a jovial, formulaic plot, that always results in the murderer being nicked; it’s easy to watch and still, at times, difficult to guess just who the culprit is. 

As for the specifics, the team consists of a British Detective, who runs a small office in the mythical town of Honore’, St Marie, in the Caribbean Sea.  The three officers below him always bring their own skill set to the game; be it ambition to be a higher rank, street smarts, or outright zaniness.  It never fails to hit the spot.

Poole and Fidel

But as with many shows, I’ve always felt since I started watching it from mid-season in 2011, the first series was the best (Isn’t this always the case?).  Season 1 also had the pilot, and concerned DI Richard Poole, beautifully played by Ben Miller (2), just over from Croydon, in order to solve the murder of the then existing head of department.  From the start to the end of the season, this was the classic “fish out of water” type of character.  Poole being staid, eccentric, disheveled and with a hatred of all things “tropical island”; though why he continued to wear suits in the tropical heat was anyone’s guess.   

Poole drinking his fave cuppa

What was always better then, was the interplay between the four cops, and in particular, the banter / flirting between Poole and his second in charge, Camille Bordey, played delightfully by Sara Martins (3). The flirting was always from her towards him, like a lifelong couple who knew each other just SO well.

But at the same time, nothing ever came to fruition for the two, which was a good thing. In so many other shows, it would have resulted in some form of workplace romance, but this just made the exchanges between them even the better.  I think this not so obviousness was a key, and would like this, somehow, to return to the next series, season 10, in 2021.




Death in Paradise, Season 9, BBC iPlayer

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