Endeavour (ITV) – Review

Anyone who has been watching TV the last few years, particularly the last few years, has noticed many trends, notably the complete (many people would say “completely exaggerated) use of digital effects in almost every series – most not necessary.  Equally, most recently there’s been a reliance on various colour filters (of course done digitally); with their favourites, or ONLY colours, being a brown / blue, green hinge.  In my opinion, it is over the top and only hinders the state of the story, plot, and characters development. 

This brings us to Endeavour, the prequel to the Inspector Morse series of the 80s and 90s.  The acting is rock solid, particularly the male lead played by Shaun Evans.  Whilst the plotting is deep enough to give sufficient background, but never a chore to follow.

I was pleasantly surprised that at a two hour length, it rather galloped, and while there is still an element of rolling story lines, the drama was still entirely episodic.


Author: shylustig

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